Just Peachy

Take advantage of summer’s bounty of fruit with this melt-in-your-mouth Grilled Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Peaches with Salted Bourbon Caramel dessert. Made from just a few ingredients, this peach and bourbon dessert recipe appears simple, but offers a complex burst of flavor.     The deep, rich flavor of bourbon saturates the fresh sweetness of the peaches, which is then tied together by creamy vanilla bean mascarpone. While grilling the peaches adds texture and a yummy smoky taste, there’s no need to light up the grill or fret [... more]

The Magic of Muscle Shoals

When you think of the music headquarters in the South, Nashville is sure to come to mind – but don’t think that’s the only place good music comes from! A quaint little area of North Alabama is home to FAME Studios, thought by many to serve as the center of jazz, and the focus of the 2013 documentary Muscle Shoals: The Incredible True Story of a Small Town with a Big Sound.     With testimonials from icons like Aretha Franklin, Mick Jagger, and Alicia Keys (to name just a few), Muscle [... more]

Perky Popsicles

While everyone loves a cold popsicle on a hot summer day, they just got a whole lot better with this adults-only Boozy Grapefruit, Basil & Vodka Popsicles recipe. Packed with fresh ingredients and a dash (or two… or three) of vodka, these easy-to-make frozen treats are the perfect alternative to a typical cocktail. The sharp flavors of grapefruit and vodka pair together perfectly for a sour-yet-sweet kick, accented by the distinctively fresh taste of basil. Make a double or triple batch for barbecue get-togethers, or keep them [... more]


the craft of brotherhood

Beautiful transformations happen at Lamon Luther. Salvaged wood becomes exquisite pieces of furniture, and once-broken and hopeless men metamorphose into skilled artisans with dignity and purpose. This is the story of those craftsmen and the reclaiming of their futures.    


It’s All in the Cuffs

Ever felt like you wear the same styles over and over again, yet you yearn for something that sets you apart from the everyday, mundane wardrobe? Finn Apparel has you covered (or is it cuffed?). Their classic vintage guy’s pants are perfect for everyday wear, but for days when you need a little something extra, just roll up the cuff to expose a one of a kind splash of color to be sure to get you noticed. The creators of Finn Apparel began brainstorming to design an awesome pair of [... more]

Coffee & a Show

Everyone has their own favorite place to get great coffee, but let’s face it:  not all java shops are created equal. And thanks to some incredibly unique features (plus three iconic locations), Lamplighter Roasting Company in Richmond, Virginia is putting their own spin on the traditional coffee house. In 2009, founders Zachary Archibald, Jennifer Rawlings, and Noelle Archibald were in agreement: their focus was to be roasters only, and leave the coffee bar job to the other guys. But when the people of RVA wanted more, they decided to listen [... more]

The Freshest Dish of the Summer

Avocado Mac and Cheese hits the spot as a delicious, healthier take on everyone’s favorite comfort food. While the green hue may be slightly disconcerting at first, be prepared to enjoy what’s probably the freshest dish of the summer. Kicks of lime and cilantro intermix with a creamy avocado sauce that awaken the taste buds with light, yet rich flavor. This pasta is best served immediately after preparation because the avocado will oxidize and begin to turn brown over time in the fridge. For an extra boost of [... more]

Get It &Go

Does this sound familiar? On any given day, you spend eight hours (or more) at work, hit the gym for a workout, and then a friend calls about dinner plans – only you have zero time to go home and change. You look like a hot mess, but constantly compromising your schedule to fit everything in is less than ideal. And if you prepared ahead of time, you’d have to practically pack a suitcase for the car every day. Can you imagine the laundry? No. Just no. Recently, we heard about &Go from Lululemon, [... more]

An Easy (Bakeless) Party Dessert

What do you call a baker that doesn’t use an oven? Not sure, but if your oven ever goes out, or you still haven’t cleaned it since that homemade pizza disaster, then these No-Bake Peanut Butter and Pretzel Bars from Top With Cinnamon are perfect. Everything on the list is probably already in your pantry, so you don’t have to worry about going to the back corner of the health food store to pick up an obscure spice. Just mix it all up, let the chocolate sit, then cut and serve. [... more]

Look Good Working Hard

Okay so looking good probably isn’t your number one priority when you’re out working, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get functional work clothes that just happen to look really good together. We started with a sturdily weaved WearGuard work shirt that will protect you from whatever you run into on your workday. Pair it with some durable Mountain Khaki’s and some Red Wing work boots that are made to order from their US factory. Combine these staples with dripping sweat and a job well done and you’ll [... more]

Cuff ‘Em

Ever watched one of those commercials where elderly people are saved by wearing a necklace with an emergency alert button, and you thought, “That’s so ugly and ridiculous… but I kind of want one”? Now, thanks to Cuff’s wearable technology, you’re in luck . This startup company is seeking to create a line of fashionable and extremely wearable jewelry pieces designed to keep you safe in any situation. Basically, bracelets, necklaces, arm cuffs, etc., will have a Cuff technology button – programmed to connect to your iOS app and [... more]

Bravo for Bravado

James Nelson made it to the top five in the hot reality TV show Master Chef before being sent back home to Houston, Texas. But when he got home, it was a different kind of heat he was interested in: Bravado Spice Co. Unlike most hot sauces, Nelson claims to focus on raw flavor instead of just heat, featuring profiles like Ghost Pepper and Blueberry, Jalapeño and Green Apple, and Pineapple and Habanero. With multiple awards already behind their sauces, we think these sauces have an extra kick that’s well on its way to [... more]

Southern Fashion Powerhouse

Stephanie Carter sure is one busy lady. As the founder of Southern Fashion House, Carter heads multiple design ventures, including retail boutique DejaVu and several iconic clothing lines. Carter’s development of her signature bold, feminine style began at an early age in Brundidge, Alabama, but it wasn’t until she found herself on the beaches of the Florida Panhandle that her first clothing brand – Judith March – became a reality. Her ability to encapsulate the bold colors of the coast with feminine details from Carter’s southern youth quickly became popular with women of [... more]

Slide the Thai

Looking for a unique appetizer that will tickle your guests’ taste buds at your next soiree? Try these tiny and delectable Thai Turkey Sliders with Peanut Sauce. Kicks of typical Thai flavors like peanut, rice vinegar, and ginger pair well with a base of a miniature turkey patty – all accented by the fresh crunch of lettuce. This appetizer is perfect for beginner Thai food diners who might be wary of exotic flavors as it offers only mild spice and focuses more on the familiar taste of [... more]

Sophisticated Soul Food

It’s not often that the words ‘organic’ and ‘local food products’ are synonymous with the South; however, the owners of Alligator Soul restaurant, Hilary and Maureen Craig, are bringing a new spin of healthier food options to the Savannah, Georgia area. Their Seattle, Washington restaurant by the same name quickly made Zagat’s “Best Places to Eat in the Northwest” list, and we’re excited to now have this sophisticated Southern food spot in our own back yard. With their extensive menu offering your Southern favorites and exotic cuisine such as [... more]

Where Tye-Dyes and Neckties Unite

“Buffalo fried tofu” isn’t exactly something you hear every day. That is, unless you’re Chef Brandon Cruze at the Sunspot restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee. “Where tie-dyes and neckties unite” is their quirky tagline, mainly because of the diverse menu that caters to an array of lifestyles and food preferences. Featuring a wide variety of Southwestern, Caribbean, and Latin American-inspired cuisines, Sunspot combines unique flavors for both vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.   Start out with their signature tomatillo salsa and tortilla chips on the rooftop patio, but we hear the Roasted Pork Burrito and [... more]